5 Best Free Programs To Learn A New Language

by CollegeDegrees360

There is a great demand for useful language teaching tools. By consequence, the variety of language programs available is vast, but many of these resources are often expensive as well. Costs can range from monthly bills to a flat rate of up to a few hundred dollars. This can be very discouraging for some. Undertaking the goal to learn an entirely new language is already time consuming. Add financial stressors to this, and a lot of people will shy away from the chance to learn. Fortunately, there are free programs available for those who want to avoid such expenses. Here are a few gadgets that offer a variety of different teaching approaches.

For exploration and immersion, BBC Languages is a convenient start; all attributes are easily accessed by clicking a link. The key aspect that makes BBC languages beneficial is the variety of learning tactics it offers. It lets the user focus on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, or a host of other distinct learning areas. Pages are interactive and media rich. In addition to straightforward lessons, there are practical entertainment options as well, such as listening to radio or watching television in different languages. Primarily, BBC teaches Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese, but there are a few lessons that go beyond these five options. Of all the programs available, BBC Languages is less extensive, so it is best for light self-directed learning or review. There are more fitting options for a student who desires a rigorous step-by-step program.

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