Hardcore movie fan: Are you a polyglot?

If you are a diehard movie fan and not a polyglot then you are not a true movie fan, as you do not watch movies from other parts of the world. So, if you are a true movie fan, then you must know multiple languages because there are a lot of movies made in the world that are worth a watch, but only because you cannot understand the language, you are unable to watch it. So, it is strongly advised that if you want to enjoy the real cinema, then learn as many languages as you can, or at least learn the languages of the countries that make good movies.

Learning a foreign language is going to help you a lot in understanding the foreign movies. People here give the argument that why do they need to learn a new language only to watch a few movies and when they have the option of watching a dubbed movie or have the facility of subtitles. So, for the people that fall into that category it is suggested that the real essence lies in the original language and no matter how accomplished and able the translator is he can never do complete justice. So, you must learn new languages if you want to enjoy the real cinema.

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We all are polyglots

Polyglot recently has become one a fancy word and many people think that polyglots are some sort of super humans with special powers. This is nothing but a misconception as many of us too are polyglots and we never know. According to a research, majority of the people around the world on average can speak three languages fluently. Amazed to hear this, so now you would be thinking that you are a polyglot too. So the answer is yes, you don't need to be a superhuman to learn new languages, in fact, all you need is some focus and proper instructor who could teach you.

It has been observed that the vernacular of a person is not what he usually speaks at his workplace or at social gatherings. This is because mother tongue is the language that is not spoken widely as it is a local language and when you go to school or a friend's place you need to communicate in the language that can be understood by the majority of the people so you tend to speak a much more global language so that everyone in the room understands you.

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Know the culture of a country through their language

The culture of a country or a particular part of a country is distinct and if you ever need the feel of studying a country, its location, heritage and its people, then you must learn their language first, as the language spoken in an area unfolds many realities of that particular area. So, if you are looking to research on the culture of a certain country, then you must be familiar with its native tongue as only then you can communicate with people who know the language and thus, would help you with your research.

Another thing is that a language of a place is the mirror of that place, and in it you can see the true picture of the people living in that area. Language has a very significant impact on the culture of a certain area, and a good research on the culture of a specific region would be incomplete without the research on the language.
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Why everyone must know at least three different languages

Learning foreign languages is very advantageous due to which many people put in their efforts to learn different languages. According to a general perception, one must learn three different languages to get the real advantages of this skill. But why should he learn these languages?

The biggest merit of being a polyglot is the fact that it expands your global approach. You can interact and interlink with people and communities all around the globe. You can talk to the people from various races, you can discuss issues with people on different forums, and you can converse with people from all around the world and make everlasting friendships. You can go to any part of the world without facing any difficulty in talking to the natives of the respective state. Learning different languages creates understanding and trust within the companies, the ability to cooperate and convince increases. Such individuals are needed in every country because they can bring the two cultures in connection; contribute to international diplomacy, helps in promoting world peace and international trade.
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Why interaction with local people is important to learn their language

There are many different ways of learning new languages. One of them is by interlinking with the people whose language you are wishing to learn. This is a very successful and enjoyable method.

You get to learn a particular thing when you are surrounded by its environment. The same face applies to learning new languages. The best way to learn German is in Germany. You can interact with all the people easily and you get to look and observe their culture closely. You can overview their traditions and their lifestyle. You can talk with the people about their history and festivals. Once you have created the atmosphere of familiarity, your next step will be much easier.
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"Polyglot" a new cool thing among the youth

Recently, youth has been influenced by the videos of the polyglots, these videos have taken the social media by a storm and young people are trying to copy these polyglots. It is a common observation that at the start of the 21st century number of polyglots started decreasing drastically and had it not been in the social media this specie was truly on the verge of extinction but Facebook and Twitter did saved the whole specie.

Learning a foreign language was never as easy as it is now, all you need to do is to enroll yourself in a course online and in a mere few months you would learn a new language. The good thing is that young generation of today is interested in learning foreign languages, as it is considered a cool thing. This is very good as the number of polyglots would increase through this, as more and more young people will learn new languages to impress their fellow mates, whatever the case is if the result is good then it should be appreciated.
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How to find out the most useful polyglot forums online?

Knowing different languages is something that will surely make a person proud. To know more languages is nothing but, to become a polyglot. When you get in touch with the people who are polyglots, you will tend to learn the language in a better manner. It is suggested that you make the best use of various polyglot forums online, by which, you can get an idea on the many languages. Below mentioned are some effective ways that will help you to find the most useful polyglot forums online.

Check out through the various social networking websites – Social networking websites are the best medium through which you can get introduced to the various polyglot forums. There will be many groups of polyglot, through which you can establish a medium that will help you to develop a polyglot in an easy manner.
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Four amazing effects of learning a new language

Learning a foreign language is not an easy job, but once one knows how beneficial it is, he will definitely make serious efforts to learn foreign languages.

Being a polyglot increases your global accessibility. You can learn about various cultures and traditions. You can communicate with people from all races and form relations with them. You can learn about their history, their way of living, their general social status and their festivals. It is fun too. Having knowledge about vibrant culture is always good. You can gain attention in a group if you have knowledge of different countries. You can chat with people on the social networking sites and make deep friendships.

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Merits of learning foreign languages at university

(Photo: creative commons:flickr) student

Learning a foreign language is an art and everyone cannot learn this art. Though there are many foreign language courses offered in the universities around the world, still only a minority of students takes these courses however they are very beneficial. The following article will describe the benefits students get if they take foreign language courses in the university.

Significantly, this adds up a skill in your overall record. Learning a foreign language is not a piece of cake and you have to show commitment regarding these courses, but once you have had this knowledge, you gain an edge over your fellow students. It has been proved by research and theories that learning different languages have an excellent effect on the working of the brain. Trying to memorize new words and then using them to formulate sentences causes the brain to function speedily hence it improves the normal understanding of your brain. You grasp new concepts regarding these new languages which play a pivotal role in the nourishment of your intellect. Your ability to analyze and comprehend improves and your knowledge of your own native language is made stronger. You began to use new vocabulary and linkages in your writings, making your articles more interesting. Studies have also confirmed that the results of the polyglots are better than others in subjects like English and math.

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Why your child must be a polyglot

Read favorite books translated into another language.(photo: Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)
Read favorite books translated into another language.(photo: Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

As a parent, you must be very concerned about what your child wants to become in future, although you must give room to your child so that he can breathe and make his own decisions, but on the other hand you must give him proper guidelines which will help him become a successful person tomorrow. It has been observed that most of the successful people are polyglot, one can argue that they would have learned new languages later on in their lives, but one must not neglect the importance of learning foreign languages and how they are useful in every field of life.

Children have the power and urge to learn new things and their curiosity for sure is one thing that helps them a lot throughout the entire process of learning. Elders lack this curiosity, and that is the reason why after a certain age, it becomes not only extremely difficult, but nearly impossible for elders, to learn new things. Children have a much greater brain power than the elders moreover, they have a lot of time too, and with these two things on their side, they must go on to learn as many foreign and new languages as they could. These foreign languages are going to prove very useful in a long run, that's why it is suggested that every parent must ensure that his children learn new languages.

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