Top 5 American Polyglots

There are polyglots all over the world. A polyglot is someone who can speak many different languages. The top polyglots of America have learned anywhere, from 11 to 115 different languages. Each of them learned and studied these languages in a different method that best suited them. There are many polyglots in America, but these are the best multilinguists of America.

Alexander Arguelles can read and speak around 36 different languages, including German, Latin, French, Sanskrit and Greek. He says that at age 11 he had a hard time learning French, but has subsequently learned to speak many languages with a lot of hard work and patience. He studies, reads, and practices grammar for hours on end each day. Also, after a period of time the languages just seemed to unravel themselves the more he learned and he could even understand languages he never studied.

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How to adopt Polyglotism through internet?

What is Polyglotism through Internet?
Polyglotism can be learned with the help of a number of free web-based tools that feature lessons in a huge variety of languages; people who follow this kind of learning method to become a polyglot is known as an Internet Polyglot. The process is quite simple as you need to sign up for an account, create your own exercises and lessons, evaluate the other existing works and get your grades for the lessons. To keep a check on your progress you just need to keep track of game scores. In the present scenario of expensive foreign language teachers and lack of time, learning new languages online can supersede the classroom foreign language learning from every aspect; in fact many teachers of foreign languages develop the lessons within Internet Polyglot and share them with students, thus you are benefitted in every way.

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The impact of travelling on polyglots

Travelling to different countries can expose you to a very different way of living and culture which in turn can help you learn that language better. Though it is not necessary to travel to a foreign country in order to learn its language, this can be beneficial while learning the language. There are many well known polyglots who are world travelers as well. As multilingualism is widespread in some cultures, travelling can be a great help to identify with the culture and language.

Polyglots and travelling: If you are learning a language out of passion or you are learning it to understand the culture of that foreign country, travelling to that country can help you make your learning more enriching. Benny Lewis is a renowned Irish polyglot and traveler says, his travels in the past 10 years immensely helped learning the 12 languages that he is fluent in. According to him after learning a language, it is advisable to travel to that country to interact with locals and to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and to learn from them.

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