Grammar or Accent, Which is more Important for a Polyglot?

Good grammar in new languages or fluent accent- this is a matter of great debate for multilinguistic people or polyglots. Few polyglots believe that a grammar oriented approach is the basic move to learn new languages. They often declare that with the help of grammar based research on a particular dialect is absolutely necessary to glide through the structure of the new language. Multilinguists claim that without understanding grammar, a new language would simply be an array of jumble words difficult to decipher. Few people even go as far as to claim that they primarily need to have a grasp on the grammar before even starting to learn the dialect. This is, of course, a complete analysis based approach.

On the other hand, several other multilinguists believe that accentual polyglotism happens only when you learn to get outside of the grammar books. The grammar rules are only inferred by the dialect and not the other way round. As they believe, a language should start by learning new languages from a tender age. Huge amount of exposure and a skill in deduction are called for in this instance. This is known as the inductive approach.
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