No age limit to learn a foreign language

One should never stop learning, this is an old saying, and some people even take it to the next level as they say that the moment you stop learning, you stop living. Whatever is the case one cannot deny the fact that learning has nothing to do with age, and modern science has also proved this. Similar is the case of foreign language, people who start learning a foreign language often leave the course after a mere two to three classes, when asked about the circumstances that led to this decision they say that their age does not allow them. This is nothing but a lame excuse as in the case of languages you can learn it much faster and in a better way, after the age of thirty. So if you fall into the category of people who think that there is an age limit for learning a foreign language, then you must go through this piece of writing, surely you will change your mind.
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Why learn a foreign language?

Every single person born on this earth is bestowed with a gift of speaking his mother tongue, but there are also many people who try and learn other languages as well. This article signifies the advantages these people get.

Most importantly, you meet new people and make diverse friendships. Earlier, you were bound to talk with the people of your community only, but once you own the skill of speaking foreign languages, you experience the familiarity of many communities. You tend to communicate with new people and get to be friends. You learn about their culture and social life. This is an enriching experience. You become acquainted with a lot of things you have never heard of. You gain knowledge of new traditions, festivals and activities. You even have the luxury to read their books and understand their history, hence learning new languages open the door of making new friends and knowing new cultures. Moreover, learning foreign language is a “fun” itself. You get to roll your tongue and twist your lips in different ways so as to express the word correctly. You end up laughing when you have poorly pronounced a word or the sentence which you were trying to speak ends up being something else.

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