Why it is better to learn a foreign language in childhood?

As today’s children are meant to live and work in a global society, it is critical that they have to be provided with foreign language instruction from the school level. Whichever career that they are entering later in life, they are indeed going to be interacting, communicating and doing business with people of different nationalities. As a young mind is best to adapt new things, it is vital to start foreign language training at a very young age. To top it children have a natural curiosity and possess the ability to develop the almost native-like pronunciation and fluency in a new language.

The benefits of children learning foreign languages from school are many: It is a fact that young minds are faster in learning things than adults. A new study states that the age at which a child start learning a second language has a significant role in developing their adult brain. Children who start learning a foreign language in the early school years are shown to possess certain cognitive advantages over those who do not do so. As per studies young children who are bilingual have better logical thinking, creativity and are more adaptable to changes.

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Why it is important to encourage kids to learn foreign languages?

According to experts childhood is the best time to learn a foreign language as learning a new language is an enriching experience in itself. Kids learning foreign languages are gifted by improved cognitive skills than their monolingual counterparts. The swiftness with which a child picks up a new language is an amazing experience for a parent to enjoy. Improved reading skill is one of the many advantages of learning a new language at an early stage. For a child, learning a new language brings in a feeling of accomplishment which in general can induce more passion for studies and a great self confidence as well.

Foreign language education from a young age can benefit the children by giving them an edge over others while going for college admissions or job interviews. Kids who are exposed to a new language at an early age, have got a marginally high mass of gray matter in their brains, which is responsible for dealing with information, according to research. So then learning a new language for children is like giving a good workout for their brains which will strengthen it considerably.

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