How to measure language learning aptitude?

People today want to learn new languages, whether it is a second language or a foreign language. Nowadays a lot of people are taking courses in foreign languages as a career option and thus, going for foreign language learning. People learn foreign languages for a number of reasons such as travel purposes or for business needs. In all of this, one must know whether one is suitable for learning a language and for that a check must be made of the ability to absorb or aptitude for new languages.

Intellect and foreign language learning are said to be connected. It is said that one can get a degree in a foreign language, but for actual growth brain power is essential. Language aptitude is basically the possession of a knack by an individual to pick up or absorb new foreign or second languages. There are a number of tests which can show how fast you can learn a foreign language. The PLAB and MLAT are well known language aptitude measuring tests which provide sound and reliable results. These tests measure the relevant knack or aptitude by:

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