How did foreign language education evolve???

It is a known fact that the importance of learning foreign languages has been growing. The history of foreign languages dates back many years old and learning foreign languages is known to have gained great popularity. The top foreign language experts have always advised on the importance of learning various foreign languages. This marks the beginning of multilingual culture and it is much needed in the present education system as well.

In the modern times, most of the educational set ups have started with the foreign education. Most of the theories of the learning as well as the teaching of the languages are known to have been proposed. Such theories are known to be normally influenced by the developments in psychology and from the field of linguistics. It is known that the history of the foreign language education dates back to the times of ancient Greece. They had initially understood the importance of learning foreign languages. Higher education pertaining to the foreign languages were everywhere to the students. They were also known to be used widely in various fields such as religion, philosophy, business and politics. Due to this, various learners of different languages turned out to be fluent speakers, writers and readers when it came to the right classical language.
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