Foreign language Vs second language

Language is basically a set of letters, words and rules for using those words as a means of expression or communication. Language is a part of development in humans. Language is a medium used by humans for sharing thoughts and interacting with each other. People often learn a number of languages after starting with usually their mother tongue. When it comes to absorbing a language context plays a pivotal role. Hence, people often get mixed up between a second language and a foreign language.

Second language is usually learnt after one has already learned a language. It may sometimes also be the case that a family is multi or bilingual. The significance of Second language is that it is usually learnt because it has cultural or business significance. One can get exposed to a second language, even outside the classroom or learning environment. Opposed to this, in case of a foreign language one hardly gets any conversation or interaction opportunity outside the learning environment. Foreign language is usually not an indigenous language. It is a language native to another country. The importance of foreign language is multiple and they are learnt for various purposes. It could be to get an idea about the culture of the people to whom the lingo is native. It could also be such that while travelling one not have communication issues in that country. Some people have a hobby of learning many languages.
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How useful is a foreign language in school curriculum?

These days it is required to learn foreign languages in school. Some schools have started teaching the languages from a very young age, even from the beginning of the education. However, most have it start at a certain grade.

There are many reasons that foreign language education is important. It is even more important to have the foreign language courses taught during school. It is easier for the language to be learned at younger ages and therefore the earlier the students start the better. The students will not learn why the language is so important if nobody tells them.
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