What it meant to be a polyglot

A polyglot is someone who knows several languages and is able to read, write and speak in those languages. They generally have fluency in a few languages and usually show the ability to master new languages in a very little time. The importance of polyglots is increasing generally in the business world as the internet and international business world are open to all.

Polyglot jobs are aplenty in the fields of hospitality industry, international relations, tourism, science, trade, media and various private and public sectors. Your passion for learning new languages can open up many fresh and innovative job opportunities for you. However, a polyglot’s role is different from a linguist. A polyglot is expected to fluently communicate in several languages, whereas a linguist studies and understands a language and have a grasp on the rules of that language. It is not compulsory that a linguist communicates in the language that he learned. For many people who desire to step out of their own country because of job or business reasons, learning a foreign language gives you that extra edge with employers and clients.

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