Learning A Foreign Language: A Desire Or A Necessity

Language is a medium through which people interact with each other. A child learns his native language in his early age from his ancestors. But as he grows, he has to interact with people far from his native place, from a different cultural background and speaking different language. Here comes the role of learning foreign language. In ancient times, there was a desire among scholars to learn the foreign languages in order to study the literature, poetry and scientific work of other people from other parts of the world. Furthermore, learning a foreign language in old times was not an easy task, one had to travel thousands of kilometers to find any such locality where the desired language was spoken.

Creative work is not bound within the geographical lines; the advancement which we observe in every field, especially in science and medical fields, at present is the result of centuries old efforts of people from different parts of the world at different times. World’s knowledge centers kept on shifting one place to another owing to the congenial and conducive atmosphere of learning. A number of civilizations arose and fell apart, but the journey of learning remained constant. Greek philosophy is still read, understood and appreciated all over the world, the finest pieces of literature were written in Arabic, German, French, Persian, and Russian. Learning a foreign language made it possible for scholars and researchers to study the relevant work from other parts of the world. Hence it served the humanity in many respects.

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