Why it is important to encourage kids to learn foreign languages?

According to experts childhood is the best time to learn a foreign language as learning a new language is an enriching experience in itself. Kids learning foreign languages are gifted by improved cognitive skills than their monolingual counterparts. The swiftness with which a child picks up a new language is an amazing experience for a parent to enjoy. Improved reading skill is one of the many advantages of learning a new language at an early stage. For a child, learning a new language brings in a feeling of accomplishment which in general can induce more passion for studies and a great self confidence as well.

Foreign language education from a young age can benefit the children by giving them an edge over others while going for college admissions or job interviews. Kids who are exposed to a new language at an early age, have got a marginally high mass of gray matter in their brains, which is responsible for dealing with information, according to research. So then learning a new language for children is like giving a good workout for their brains which will strengthen it considerably.

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