How learning a foreign language would help with cultural awareness?

Learning a foreign language could be a challenging thing to do. This would not only involve speaking it fluently but, would also depend on the understanding and experiencing the society and culture of such a country. It changes the way we approach towards such a place and makes us culturally aware of the same.

You could be completely aware of your native culture. However, knowing the foreign culture would be a little difficult unless and until you visit the place and interact with the people there or undertake some business with them. Learning a foreign language helps in creating an understanding among the students as they can get to learn an entirely new language and it will surely help in understanding the culture of the place in a better manner. This is because you can know more about pronunciation and some unique words of such a foreign language. It will also help you to learn from others and as it would be a new learning, it generates interest in learning. It also helps in developing good patience. It helps in facilitating effective communication and fluency in a foreign language will also help in creating an understanding of the culture as well. A kind of bond will be developed between the learner and such a culture.

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