Why it is better to learn a foreign language in childhood?

As today’s children are meant to live and work in a global society, it is critical that they have to be provided with foreign language instruction from the school level. Whichever career that they are entering later in life, they are indeed going to be interacting, communicating and doing business with people of different nationalities. As a young mind is best to adapt new things, it is vital to start foreign language training at a very young age. To top it children have a natural curiosity and possess the ability to develop the almost native-like pronunciation and fluency in a new language.

The benefits of children learning foreign languages from school are many: It is a fact that young minds are faster in learning things than adults. A new study states that the age at which a child start learning a second language has a significant role in developing their adult brain. Children who start learning a foreign language in the early school years are shown to possess certain cognitive advantages over those who do not do so. As per studies young children who are bilingual have better logical thinking, creativity and are more adaptable to changes.

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How to make things easier when learning another language?

The accent of languages varies when you travel few hundred kilometers, but it may be the change in the entire language if you travel by thousand kilometers. Hence, learning another language can be beneficial in many ways. It will not only be one of your important credentials, but will also give you more confidence and a sense of accomplishment. You will feel better and people will also envy you. Learning a new language may become a milestone in your life, and it may change your life altogether.

Bilingual people have more job prospects than unilingual. If you are working in a multinational firm, then learning another language will be very much rewarding all the way. Similarly, if you are a businessman, and want to grow your business, then the knowledge of another language will help you enhance your business greatly as you will feel more comfortable while interacting with your business partners, advisors or employees in other countries. If you want to feel the difference, visit a country whose native language is unknown to you, and then visit a country whose native language you know. You will yourself be convinced of the immense benefits of learning other languages.

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Easy Tips for Learning a New Language

Photo: Jess Ivy, Creative Commons

Knowing how to speak another language can come in handy in many situations, not just vacations. It’s not as difficult as you think. There are some tips for learning a new language that can help you quickly pick it up.

Learning can be expensive but there are ways you can speak sentences in languages spoken in other countries without too much cost. It’s not easy but at the same time not hard either.

Having a Conversation

One of the best ways to pick up a new language is to speak to someone who speaks it better than you do. As little as one hour of speaking to someone who can correct you and a dictionary of one language to another can do wonders for you. This is equivalent to several hours in a class. The fact that you have one on one help with motivate you to learn. It’s even more motivating that studying from a book or listen to audio files.

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Points to consider when you are considering an online foreign language course

When we have to make a choice between choosing a regular or an online course we first need to weigh the pros and cons of both and take the correct decision. First and foremost to decide upon which foreign language to learn and then the mode.

Why a foreign language course?

  • Sometimes we want to open up with people from another culture and language and develop friendship and it is possible only if we speak a common language. It’s definitely fun to talk to learn and communicate in your friend’s language. A culture is very much tied to its language, so if you want to explore a new culture, it is advantageous to immerse within completely and feel it. You also tend to become more open minded and understanding. You look at the world from a different perspective and what you see is an eye-opener.

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How Learning More than One Language Enhances Your Chance for Clinching a New Job?

We live in a world where every nation or every community is dependent on each other in some or another way. Professionals communicate, interact and grow in their respective fields. English is known as the universal language! But is it, in true sense? According to surveys conducted by renowned agencies only 5.6% people from the total population of the World speaks English as a native language. The number of people who speaks it as a second or third language is almost double the one who speaks it as primary. So, four-fifths of total people live in this World do not speak English. Knowledge of an additional language can boost your career in many effective ways. As professional, learning French, Spanish or Japanese, etc. reflects your ability to work efficiently almost all around the world. So, let’s talk about a few reasons why professionals need to have many languages.
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Enhance Your Professional Credibility – Learn New Languages

We live in a world of communication and language is the medium through which one communicates with others. Language is not just a tool for communication, but it also allows exploring different cultural aspects of different region of the earth. Learning a foreign language is not easy, but when you do, you are open to a new horizon of opportunities practically and intellectually.

First of all comes the overall performance of your brain. Studies show that bilingual persons are better at solving mathematics and their analytical ability is increased tremendously. Basically, it is easy for the children to learn a new language and it becomes more difficult as one ages. But the increased ability of the brain is effective no matter at whatever age you learn a language.
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