Learning new languages - the brain’s fuel

Learning new languages is said to have the advantage of increasing your brain power but HOW? This article will throw the spotlight on this fact and will explain in detail how learning foreign languages results in the development of your brain power.

When you listen to the new words, the sound impulses enter into your brain through the ear. The process of converting sounds into meanings and then framing a response indulges many parts of the brain. These different parts are stimulated to carry out their respective functions daily while you are making an effort to learn the new language which brings about a quick working of these parts and hence your brain power. Firstly, the sound enters your ear where they are converted into impulses. These impulses go to your brain where the brain studies, these sounds, turn them into meaningful words and phrases and formulate a convincing response due to which you can speak those words. This works like a machine. If you stop using a machine, it gets rusty and eventually stops functioning, but if you continue to use the machine in the recommended manner, you will observe the output is comprehensive.
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