Have Fun and Learn a Second Language in a Foreign Country

There can be a number of motives behind learning a foreign language. But it is the established fact that learning a new language is a thrilling and awesome experience. If you are a student and want to go abroad for higher studies, learning the native language of that country will be your first requirement. If you are a businessman and want to enhance your business across the borders, then learning the new language will help you a lot. Similarly, if you want to go overseas to work, knowledge of the native language will be an added advantage in your prospects of getting an overseas job. Lastly, if you are fond of travelling, and want to explore different cultures, then the knowledge of the native language will be your first need.

Learning a foreign language while being in a foreign country is a wonderful experience. It will allow you to interact with the native speakers, and you will be able to learn the correct and exact pronunciation of words. This will also help you greatly in learning the vocabulary of everyday use quickly, as you will be interacting with the local people daily in the markets and living place, and will eventually learn a few new words daily. Lastly, learning a foreign language while being in that country; enhances your listening skill; as before speaking that language, you will have to learn carefully with full attention. In a nutshell, it will be a great fun to learn any foreign language while being in that country.

Although there are above stated benefits of learning a foreign language while being in a foreign country, but there are some drawbacks as well. Recent research has shown that many immigrants to USA don’t speak English correctly, and make common mistakes in tenses. There are two reasons for that, firstly the native speakers understand their meaning from their wrong sentences and secondly, they don’t realize their mistakes. Living in a foreign country does not guarantee the learning of the native language, as you may survive there by just learning the sentences and words of everyday use. False sentences, wrong punctuation and inappropriate words may serve your purpose, but learning a language is quite different from this trivial thing. The rest is up to your dedication and devotion with which you learn that language.

One cannot deny the benefits of learning other languages. Although it is lovely and exciting to learn a foreign language while being in a foreign country, however, it is more economical and comfortable to learn the foreign language while being at home. You can develop an environment in your home for the learning of any new language. Online language courses have made it further easy. Movies and TV shows in that language may also be beneficial in learning. Once you are done with learning the basics of that language, you may go abroad to that country to polish your skills and enhance your vocabulary. It is such learning in which fun and learning go side by side.


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