Why everyone must know at least three different languages

Learning foreign languages is very advantageous due to which many people put in their efforts to learn different languages. According to a general perception, one must learn three different languages to get the real advantages of this skill. But why should he learn these languages?

The biggest merit of being a polyglot is the fact that it expands your global approach. You can interact and interlink with people and communities all around the globe. You can talk to the people from various races, you can discuss issues with people on different forums, and you can converse with people from all around the world and make everlasting friendships. You can go to any part of the world without facing any difficulty in talking to the natives of the respective state. Learning different languages creates understanding and trust within the companies, the ability to cooperate and convince increases. Such individuals are needed in every country because they can bring the two cultures in connection; contribute to international diplomacy, helps in promoting world peace and international trade.

Secondly, it increases your native language skills. It has been proved by worldwide surveys and data collection that multilingual people develop strength in their native language. Foreign language learners are much stronger in vocabulary and usage of words and phrases. They get a better understanding of their language which results in the identification of the errors in their language. Introduction of new words by learning foreign languages nourishes the word bank of a person and he can convincingly use those words in articles or reports to make them more presentable and valuable. These skills can help you in different tests and entrance exams like the SAT and ACT.

Another important reason to learn foreign languages is the fact that it provides you a complete and more feasible travelling experience. Obviously, you can visit places without learning their languages, but with the added tool of being a polyglot, your tour can become really enjoyable. You can talk to the natives without any difficulty, you can convince the cab driver on charging you less, you can order meals in the restaurants, you can negotiate with bank officials and you can take part in their festivals without feeling “left out”. Usually, most of the countries do understand English, but there are some marvelous places for tourists where people are not aware of this language. It's at that time that this skill will come in handy. You can know about the culture and traditions of the country and enjoy listening to their stories and fairy tales. It also increases your knowledge. Knowing another language and culture provides you the unique opportunity of seeing yourself and your own culture from an outside perspective. There are many aspects of your life which you considered universal or that you had never considered until you come to know about the people who do those things in a much different way than you used to.
But to earn these benefits, you must learn at least three different languages because that is the minimum requirement of being a polyglot.


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