Impact of foreign languages in English Literature

There are many different foreign languages that have impacted the English language, including the literature. The biggest place where foreign language impacted the language is in the slang language. The different words affect literature the most because new words can take on new or different meanings.

However, not all foreign language words that are brought into the English language are slang, but are merely brought in from other languages. These words can be words from roots of foreign languages that are non-existent or even a combination of already existing words.

Another area where it is affected is between foreign language and communicative English. The word from the foreign language can change the meaning of a sentence completely without even attempting to. When learning new languages, including English, it is important to understand the literal translation of the words. This will help keep the meaning of the sentences the same.

There are numerous foreign language and English literature differences from the beginning. Back in the olden days we used to give numbers much differently than now. For the number 24, it would be four and twenty. This earlier way of expressing numbers was adapted from both Germany and France.

There are many other languages that have had a direct impact on the language, including French, Latin, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic and many other languages. Each of these have given the English language words for different areas. For example, the French language expanded the terminology in the areas of military, political and legal areas, while the Latin and Greek gave, the more technical and scientific terminology, while Greek also expanded the theological terms for Christianity.

The terminology that revolves around warfare and the tactics of war came from the Spanish language, including words such as guerrilla and flotilla. They also contributed to the terminology that is part of the culture and science as well, including chocolate, tomato and many others. The Italian language has greatly contributed to the area of music and other areas including words such as fortissimo, pizza, balcony and umbrella.

Hindi, through the way of Persian language, has helped with more words regarding culture. Words from this language include verandah, jungle, shampoo, curry, and even pajama. Arabic has contributed in many different areas, including trade and religious terminology. These contributions include words such as muslin, cotton, hashish, hadith, and jihad.

Germany has given the English language many different words that pertain both World War I and II, along with some food related terminology. Including blitz, Führer, hamburger, bratwurst and frankfurter. While Hebrew, and even Yiddish, have contributed many religious terms, including kosher, Sabbath, amen, Jubliee, and hallelujah.

Most of these words are frequently used words in both English literature and communicative English. The fact that so many of these words have come from outside does indeed show the foreign language impact on the other languages. When foreign languages are being learned, it shows how, and where, each of the words has been derived from. Every other language is also impacted by English, so it is a give-and-take relationship.


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