Guidelines to language learning, take a peek

A very strange question that many people have in their minds: ‘Is it really possible to acquire lessons to learn more than one language at a time’. If the answer is yes, how does one handle it? The answer is simple and clear. You can learn at a time more than one language, if you follow these guidelines.

  1. Have a slow approach: Rushing with learning is not advised at the starting point. You cannot just start and finish it then and there. Haste is waste, must be strictly followed. This is because many languages have grammar and proverbs to work upon. The learning process is a delicate time and while learning one must dedicate daily time on a given language and stay committed to work daily. Modern men or women lack time and especially, if your time is preoccupied with more than two activities, your learning quality will suffer. Hence, ensure to make a slow approach by learning one language at a time.
  2. Developing strong language basics: The learning process of a language involves memorizing words, sounds and structures and also using them. The language base also includes the colors, emotions, memories and images as it contributes to speaking. Knowing the basics of language very well and developing a liking towards it is important if you wish to learn the language for your lifetime and not temporarily. Developing a liking for learning strong language basics will keep the language alive in you, even if you have not used the language for a very long time. Once again, time is an essential factor, so build your language basics taking considerable time. Speed process of language learning may result in overlapping of basics and end in mixing languages.
  3. Time Optimization: Picking a new language is possible with proper time optimization. You must devote good time and not just the time you have at intervals to learn a language. Ensure time management and ascertain a schedule to learn the language properly. Rushing to learning languages may result in lack of consistency. You cannot delude yourself into doing multiple things at a time; in fact, it ends up damaging the process of learning.

Guidelines for learning multiple languages

  • Dedicate quality time in language learning and do not speed your time.
  • Ensure good will power and patience. This is best with time management skills.
  • Start learning at a time, two languages maximum. Anything more than this may impair your language learning and you will lack basics.
  • Remember to pick any two languages that are very different from each other, else the grammar, words, memories and emotions may get overlapped, causing too much confusion. It is best to avoid learning Romanian and Portuguese, German and Dutch or Italian and Spanish at one time. Instead, choose initially one easy language and the other one relatively difficult.
  • Studying these chosen languages daily is a must. Language learning is best with quality time, work and patience. You have to keep on preparing your mind to make this possible.


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