Benefits of joining a polyglot club

Polyglots are not common. They are essentially normal regular people who have made it their business to learn new languages and enhance their linguistic skill sets. In a number of cultures multilingualism is normal as opposed to the primary English speaking portions of the world.

A good fraction of Europeans speaks around three languages. Indians, for instance, can speak a number of different Indian languages. For those who are as yet not initiated with the idea, but wish to expand their language horizon an easy option is to join a polyglot club. When one learnt a few languages, but is in a rut as to how to proceed, it’s better to have a support system in the form of like minded fellows through a polyglot club.

The benefits of a polyglot club can be many. Some of them are:

  • One can meet several people who have the same objectives. It, thus, provides a sense of camaraderie.
  • It helps in saving time when learning multiple languages as well. For instance, when practicing with a non native speaker, one can speak half the time in each other’s mother tongue. This will allow him to learn your language and vice versa. This will result in saving time and allow one to do more with their time.
  • One can improve the awareness of global expressions. Nowadays, English or other major languages of the world are spoken more by non natives than indigenous patrons. Thus, by growing familiarity with various sets of vocabularies, pronunciations and cultures of conversation.
  • People who do not travel tend to practice with native speakers of their own language. These people keep switching to the mother tongue which can get distracting and impeding. Hence, at a club where one is speaking the foreign language with a person who is a native to that language, this issue can be avoided.
  • It is often found that when learning new languages, it can get an expensive exercise. Polyglot clubs have very reasonable fees or registration charges.
  • The level of proficiency in such clubs varies, and hence one can easily pace themselves, which is often not possible in the time bound coaching centers with a fixed timeline.
  • Many of these clubs have online chat rooms which afford translation features as well as privacy, which is a missing factor in a classroom. Hence, introverts can open up and learn freely.
  • It allows one to develop a very sharp ear for not only languages but information as such. Thus, one can become a sponge for absorbing untold quantities of information.
  • It has also been seen that polyglots after joining such clubs and interacting with people from various language diversities tend to develop skills in their own language. They are able to use words more suitably and aptly as well perform better construction of sentences.
  • When one joins a polyglot club, the cultural diversity can be truly experienced first hand. One is directly in touch with native speakers of a plethora of foreign languages.

Thus, joining a polyglot club not only allows one to mix with people who are just as passionate about learning languages; it gives an edge over the competition.


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