Top 5 foreign language learning institutes in the world

Language is a means used by people to communicate and often people feel the desire for learning foreign languages such that they can have an added attribute which can aid them in personality expansion. The impetus which people have studied foreign languages are multivariate. For instance languages of those countries which are economically sounder or offer a better way of life are more popular than others. Foreign language education possesses a number of benefits such as:

  • Intellectual growth undergoes a positive change.
  • One develops a sharper hearing capacity towards all kinds of information and sensibilities improve as such.
  • It allows wider perspective on languages already known.
  • It helps in getting acquainted with a variety of cultures from far and wide.
  • One is also able to get on better socially. People tend to admire and take more notice.
  • It also provides an opportunity to not only better appreciate the value of taking up courses for foreign languages, it parallels augments intellectual growth.

Foreign languages can be learnt for being helpful when one is doing foreign travels or for business purposes. They can be used for the purpose of relationship building and thus also provide a definite upgrade in the way of life. Some of the best institutes for foreign language learning are:

  1. Middlebury College in Vermont offers a number of foreign language courses. The school was started in 1915 and currently provides courses in foreign languages such as French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Russian. An interesting fact is that the students who come here are required to take a pledge toward the language they intend on learning that it will be the language which they will use when they are over there learning and no other.
  2. University of Wisconsin in Madison is extremely reputed in foreign language studies. Courses are being provided here in well over a dozen different languages. The language institute is a precious asset for it and provides for building language skills as well as an outreach of culture.
  3. UCLA or University of California in Los Angeles is one of the best foreign language schools for people who want to learn languages and have a passion for the same. It allows one to take learning in around 40 ancient and modern languages. The program over here is famous for the novel teaching techniques which are exercised to impart knowledge.
  4. Stanford University offers courses in 14 modern languages and 30 other languages which are not very common. The university has offered courses in well over 70 languages and is renowned for its very ultra tech digital laboratory.
  5. Yale University offers courses in over 32 languages. The courses are available in many ancient as well, some modern languages. The methods of teaching are carried out through new media and the ale center for language study is also of great assistance.

Primarily, language learners value the benefits at a personal level, which arise from the endeavor. Foreign languages are learnt based on the openness of the economics involved.


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