Points to consider when you are considering an online foreign language course

When we have to make a choice between choosing a regular or an online course we first need to weigh the pros and cons of both and take the correct decision. First and foremost to decide upon which foreign language to learn and then the mode.

Why a foreign language course?

  • Sometimes we want to open up with people from another culture and language and develop friendship and it is possible only if we speak a common language. It’s definitely fun to talk to learn and communicate in your friend’s language. A culture is very much tied to its language, so if you want to explore a new culture, it is advantageous to immerse within completely and feel it. You also tend to become more open minded and understanding. You look at the world from a different perspective and what you see is an eye-opener.
  • For students again it is highly recommended to learn the language of the place they are going to study. You will be at one with the place if you can speak German in Germany or Spanish in Latin America. Again when you apply for a job overseas if have the same skill set with your competitor, if you are bilingual you will probably bag the job.

So why do we choose an online course for learning a foreign language?

No classroom space, access at any time and independence of both teacher and student are key advantages of internet based learning programs. Therefore, online courses are gaining popularity among college students and e-learning is giving you an opportunity to be a multilingual.

  • Multimedia: Nowadays the multimedia found in e-learning environments like audio, video, interactive grammar, chat boards, instant messaging, webcams help you to learn and stay connected.
  • Repetition: When you are learning a foreign language it is very likely that you won’t pick up at one go, but in a regular class you can’t repeat a lesson without disturbing the class, but through online you can. You can also learn at your own pace in a comfortable environment.
  • Innovative methods: Most of these online course offer you a wide variety of lesson plans via multimedia tools which can also be used to pick up a new language in addition to a teacher. This is all the more important because learning a new language is not easy and short term, requires a lot of dedication, time and effort.

Tips to consider when selecting the course:

  • While online learning is becoming more and more popular many feel that authenticity is an important element to consider. Since the interaction is between material and learner, therefore one needs to be sure of how genuine are they. Since we are going to be relying mainly on the website, we have to be one hundred percent sure that the value of money and time is met.
  • We also need to check the kind of tools that they are offering as aids of learning. Are they complicated, way below my expectation, above my comprehension levels.
  • What kind of assessment tools do they follow? Are they on a regular basis to check my progress? Will they judge my flaws and appreciate my strengths and accordingly monitor the course. And will they offer some kind of certification on completion of the course. Interaction with native speakers online itself would be an added advantage.

Therefore, if you are genuinely interested in becoming bilingual then you can definitely take advantage of e-learning, select the language you want to learn and get started.


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