Speaking Foreign Language Can Do Miracles In Your Stay Abroad

It looks very simple to go and live in a country other than your native place, but sometimes somewhere it becomes very hard to survive in the foreign societies. The incident which I am going to share with me was experienced personally by me in China back in 2003. I had been there for my study tour since 2002 and with my own interest I had learnt Chinese to need to know basis. During my stay I had to go to a city other than my city of residence there. I was confident enough to travel with complete comfort and ease. I went to a train station and got my tickets booked for that far distant place. In a total strange place where I had no friends I went confidently and started exploring the places.

During my daily activities and other businesses I had forgotten that I had come to a different place. As I was alone, I went to an area which was not suitable for travel neither for the stay. It was completely a dark place after the sunset and I had no idea where to go. It was far away from the main city and I was lost there. I was completely scared that what would happen if I could not manage to reach back to the city; where would I spend the night? This imagination was proving so scary and the time was passing. People were just passing near me and nobody was bothered as it was routine for them.

Suddenly, I gathered some courage and asked a gentleman in English to guide me to the city. He didn’t understand and went away. I had some know how about the languages used in that region, so I stopped a gentleman and asked him in the regional language. And here it worked, he was well known to the area and he told me that the city was not far away and I could easily make it in 30 minutes. It was really a miracle during my stay out. I still imagine it and get scared; it really reminded me about the importance of learning.

I shared this experience just because of emphasizing upon the importance of the language and its advantages while living abroad. You might have to face many diverse situations while living abroad. The scenario may be different, but the condition would be similar. The language will save you from many confusions, at very crucial stages while your stay abroad. You may have your own prospect, your own angle and your own idea, but while living in the country other than your native place, you will have many instances where you really feel helpless. But, except only the language can help you there in every situation. The language has been assessed as the most influencing element in relationships.


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