Role Of Foreign Language In Expanding Business

There are many companies who started their business from a small local setup and grown into an international business. Growing business beyond the country’s borders has always been a quest for all small companies. Along with many other major and contributory factors the language is also an important factor to play either favorably or adversely a vital role in setting the direction of a growing business. Language may become a great barrier in the way of success while looking out of your own country for the potential markets for your rapidly growing brand. Many multinational companies while setting their business in the target countries had to opt for hiring local professionals for marketing their international brands just because of the importance of language.

At very initial stages when these companies were moving beyond their territories they initially deployed their own workforce, but in the target countries the representatives could not produce the desired results. After carrying out various researches it was learnt that language and culture of the target countries, has to do a lot in determining the increases or decrease in the sales of their products. With the introduction of e-marketing and e-business the language problem has been resolved to some extent, but the fact remains that the products which get advertisement in local languages instead of international languages get more attraction and are sold more. Similarly, the feedback given by the customers and the end users is usually in the local language of the target place; it is better to get own workforce trained with foreign language instead of getting the stuff translated and ending up with meaningless contents.

The biggest proof of growth in business with foreign languages of the target country is that many of the larger countries are hiring the professional people from local environment of the host country where they are about to start or have started a business. Different cultures are recognized by the languages they speak so dominating a new market, especially in the presence of many strong competitors is not the bread and butter. While doing business in a new place, the companies need to correspond and interact with local people at every step and during these interactions the only thing which can be impressed by your skill of having knowledge of a foreign language which they speak.

Running campaign compatible with the local traditions and values will leave tremendous results upon the growth of your business and sales of your product in a foreign country’s market. Gaining of knowledge about the local trends, traditions and customs and then understanding them is only possible through learning the foreign language. If you tune different T.V channels even in your own country you will find the advertisement of various products in various regional and local languages of your country. Therefore, understanding the importance of learning the language must be understood at an appropriate level and efforts must be made to use language to climb up the ladder of success in your business.


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