No age limit to learn a foreign language

One should never stop learning, this is an old saying, and some people even take it to the next level as they say that the moment you stop learning, you stop living. Whatever is the case one cannot deny the fact that learning has nothing to do with age, and modern science has also proved this. Similar is the case of foreign language, people who start learning a foreign language often leave the course after a mere two to three classes, when asked about the circumstances that led to this decision they say that their age does not allow them. This is nothing but a lame excuse as in the case of languages you can learn it much faster and in a better way, after the age of thirty. So if you fall into the category of people who think that there is an age limit for learning a foreign language, then you must go through this piece of writing, surely you will change your mind.

If you are of smaller age and in the school then too it is a perfect time to learn a language, as at that time your mind is hungry for new knowledge and what would be better than a whole new language. Children must learn few new languages in the school, as it will help them a lot in the future, so if you have children who are school going then you must encourage them to learn new languages. Another use of learning a brand new language at a young age is that it not only increases your vocabulary of the new one, but also you get to know a lot more words of your own dialect, as you try to translate the foreign words into your own.

Older people do have the advantage that they have full command over their native language which helps them a lot to understand the new language. Learning new languages is no rocket science, all you need to do is to stick to basics and you would learn the language in two to three months. Today learning a new language is very easy as you can enroll yourself in online courses offered by different universities. So if you are not fond of going to university and do not like to sit in the class, then these online classes are a perfect substitute. The truth is that modern technology has made things so simple that one is left with new excuses, so just pull up some courage and start learning a new language. Older people often inquire that why do they need to learn a new language at this age, what possible advantage would it bring to them. So for them it is suggested that take it as a new hobby, as when you have nothing to do, it becomes extremely difficult to kill time and instead of lying around all day they must indulge themselves in some sort of activity and learning a new language is a better option, as who knows tomorrow you would have to travel to that country, whose language you are learning.


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