How Learning More than One Language Enhances Your Chance for Clinching a New Job?

We live in a world where every nation or every community is dependent on each other in some or another way. Professionals communicate, interact and grow in their respective fields. English is known as the universal language! But is it, in true sense? According to surveys conducted by renowned agencies only 5.6% people from the total population of the World speaks English as a native language. The number of people who speaks it as a second or third language is almost double the one who speaks it as primary. So, four-fifths of total people live in this World do not speak English. Knowledge of an additional language can boost your career in many effective ways. As professional, learning French, Spanish or Japanese, etc. reflects your ability to work efficiently almost all around the world. So, let’s talk about a few reasons why professionals need to have many languages.

  1. Make a strong resume
    A resume is a summary of your capabilities and qualities; it ensures the value you carry as a professional and a person. While creating one, your focus is always to present yourself as the most appropriate candidate for the required position. Employers from various fields appreciate the fact that you can be a potential bilingual employee. This successfully increases your chances of getting hired.
  2. Stand above the rest
    If you have the capabilities, to interact in many languages then your employer takes you as a potential candidate to travel abroad for business meetings and ongoing projects. This insures early promotions and higher salary.
  3. Apply globally
    In this world every organization impacts the global economy. Distances have shortened with emerging technologies in the travel industry. Almost everyone is passionate about working in an international company. Companies have also broadened their horizons to search the best candidates who are capable of immersing into other cultures around the world. Your efficiency of speaking more than two languages makes you a perfect global employee. And further top in line to get the best salary package and promotions.
  4. Build relationships
    Your ability to speak more than one language makes you communicate and relate to the people with different ethnicities more personally. Speaking in someone’s native language can make him/her open up better. It demolishes the barriers and increases the communication comfort level. This type of skill set is required to develop many relations in a business setting. It enhances the professional relationship among fellow employees, vendors and clients. This is crucial for better service, more sales and stronger communication with colleagues.
  5. Improve other essential professional skills
    As an employee your professional growth depends upon your abilities to efficiently and productively indulge in day to day office routine. Researchers suggest that bilingual students are better at finding solutions for complex problems and are more creative. Bilingual skill set efficiently increases the capability of multitasking. People who have the capabilities, to speak different languages are confident about their choices as they tend to evaluate a situation in many languages to land on one exclusive decision.

A person with bilingual abilities never lacks chances of growing professionally. Mention your fluency in different languages in your resume and state its value to the employer. So, if you are planning to learn new languages to boost your professional presence, then facts are there, to support your choice as a good investment.


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