Does A Foreign Language Really Matter In Dominating Foreign Cultures And Markets

Wars are no more fought with the armies in this modern world. It is the economic era and economically sound countries dictate and govern the global policies and institutions. If a strong country wants to subjugate a weaker country, it does not invade or deploy its forces along the weaker country, the purpose can be achieved by influencing the culture and controlling the market. Different tools have been devised to influence and control the foreign cultures and markets; language is one of them and perhaps the most important.

Language is meant for communication and it as a system of verbal signs and culture defines the ways of life of a particular region in a particular time. The role of foreign language in dominating a foreign culture cannot be overemphasized. The fabric of the culture of any culture is woven into the net of language. As Language is an integral and a prominent part of any culture. So, if strategies are devised to target the native language and replace it unknowingly with the foreign language, culture slowly but steadily collapses. Languages are the hallmark of any culture and help in protecting and preserving the culture, but at the same time they are quite vulnerable to the attack by foreign languages.

Languages easily absorb words from other languages, as long as the meaning is conveyed, hence slowly and unknowingly language reforms. Print and color media is a very effective tool in dominating the parent culture with a foreign language. Cultural visits, festivals, celebrations are also quite helpful in influencing the foreign cultures.

Similarly, language plays a pivotal role in capturing and dominating the foreign markets. Stable markets are signs of a sound economy and the manifestation of the working of the government’s economic policies. Market's growth is generally controlled with the advertising campaigns, and advertising agencies apply highly innovative ideas using slangs, new words and most importantly foreign languages to inspire and influence the audience. They simply put something different in front of the audience, which the people discuss later and then get influenced by it. Example, if an advertising agency uses word ‘cricket’ it is very common and everybody knows it, but if another advertising agency uses the word ‘kriket’, people will think and discuss it, hence the purpose of advertising is achieved. Same is the case with the foreign language. Words or sentences of foreign language will be unknown to the local audience, the people will get skeptical and discuss those advertisements, and hence will get influenced, and thus the purpose will be achieved. This is how foreign language helps in dominating the foreign markets. In the same way, knowledge of local language is also mandatory for effective control of the market as an investment, production and deliveries requires communication with the local people. Keeping in view the above discussion, we have seen how a foreign language affects the foreign culture with the help of the media. In the same way, language can be critical in controlling the markets through advertising campaigns. Hence we can say confidently that foreign languages greatly affect the foreign cultures and markets.


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