Why Professionals Need to Have Many Languages?

Professionals have an edge over other ordinary people for their outstanding abilities and talents or they would not have acquired that level of consideration and respect in the society. They reach this level with hard work, determination and patience. Do you think that after reaching a high level of skills or status one sits idle? No, definitely not! There are multiple methods to polish up your skills and hard-gained professionalism and the topmost of all of them is “knowledge”. The most necessary tool for your immaculate professionalism is your vast knowledge and ability to understand fast.

Keep Informed and Gain More Knowledge – Learn Multiple Languages

There is an old saying in India that the person who knows one language has one brain and the person who knows two languages has two brains. It is absolutely correct and no one can agree with this saying, but only one who has experienced it. Vast portions of knowledge are present in one language which is not possibly found in the other language. How a language develops? The culture of people and their life style enforces changes in a language and it evolves. By knowing their language you can explain how they think and evaluate the different aspects of life. This is a great knowledge and of immense importance to a professional, no matter whatever is his profession.

Have you ever tried to imagine what a professional does after he learns another language and understands the people’s perception and concepts? He does not stop at that point, but links the knowledge and interprets the complicated things that the ordinary people fail to do. Though, he thinks and explains things in his own circle of profession, but that makes a great difference for him. For example, a doctor in Egypt who has been there for the first time and does not know Arabic cannot explain why the slimming methods do not work with overweight people there. Another doctor who knows Arabic understands pretty well that local Egyptians are fond of eating and they eat even if they are not hungry. A man quite possibly divorces his wife if she gets late in preparing the meal for him on time.

Increase Your Influence

By learning two or more languages a professional improves his status among the people, especially when they are multilingual. A professor, humanitarian worker, coach, etc. need to have strong influence on people around them in order to gain their goals and become successful in their mission. People working in NGOs who have to get mixed with the local people of a place to spread knowledge, disperse aid and serve in different social welfare centers need to know the language of local people to easily understand their problems and help them to get out of the miseries they are suffering from.

The topic is vast but to be precise, you need to know one thing for sure that becoming a professional is not enough if you do not know at least one or more international or local languages.


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