Top 10 tips to become a foreign language expert quickly


When one decides to learn a second language it is either because of passion or a reason. It is easy to learn few phrases but to expertise a foreign language you need to know few easy ways to complete the job faster.

  1. Know the reason: Unless you are motivated enough you cannot have a good reason to learn a language. Simply wanting to impress is not good enough but if you want to know a Spanish person in his native language then there is a lot of commitment.
  2. Get into it completely: Once pledged show the passion upfront. Whatever tools you use to master the foreign language you got to practice every day. Try to write, speak and even think in that language, rather get absorbed into it. It could be via listening to songs, shooting a mail, speaking to yourself and soaking yourself into the new language culture completely.
  3. Get a friend: When you have a healthy competition you always tend to perform better. When your partner does better than you, you are automatically motivated to outshine him and thus work hard. The jealousy to beat the other at times works in the positive ways and you emerge victorious.
  4. Keep it short: When you are learning a new language it’s for a reason. You could be wanting to writing a poem, simply love the sound of the syllables, want to use it when you go abroad or simply want to order in Chinese when you go for your favourite Chinese diner in the weekend. Do not get lost in textbooks but in conversations.
  5. Handle it creatively: Practice the new language you learn in a fun way. Instead of memorising vocabulary everyday you could write and record songs, devise a play plot, a comic strip or anything that catches your fancy.
  6. Behave childlike: You need to shed all inhibitions to learn a new language. Just as a child is not ashamed when he fails, not self-conscious, willing to make mistakes till he perfects, you also have to develop that inherent hunger for achievement. Try and admit that you have not made the effort to learn instead of saying that you don’t know.
  7. Come out of your comfort zone: Try out newer situations of experimenting your learning. Unless you leave that comfortable position and not venture out you will never be able to behave like a native speaker. Develop this feel for a new language by cracking a joke, talking to a stranger or ordering food. Initially you might go wrong with either the grammar, the syntax or the pronunciation but gradually your comfort area will expand.
  8. Listen: This is by far the most vital tip because unless you strain your ears and grasp the pronunciation correctly you will never be able to deliver. The more you listen, the better you learn.
  9. Watch the natives' talking: The more you concentrate on the movement of their tongue, lips and throat the better you will understand the pronunciation. Watch intently and then imitate. If you don’t have the opportunity to watch a native speaker foreign language films are a good option.
  10. Speak to yourself: Weird it might sound but when you talk to yourself in the mirror you gain the confidence to speak to another person. Try and use newer words and phrases each time.

Therefore to conclude expertising a foreign language, need dedication, commitment, innovation, passion and a genuine reason. Once you identify and practice them no one can stop you from mastering a foreign language.


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