"Polyglot" a new cool thing among the youth

Recently, youth has been influenced by the videos of the polyglots, these videos have taken the social media by a storm and young people are trying to copy these polyglots. It is a common observation that at the start of the 21st century number of polyglots started decreasing drastically and had it not been in the social media this specie was truly on the verge of extinction but Facebook and Twitter did saved the whole specie.

Learning a foreign language was never as easy as it is now, all you need to do is to enroll yourself in a course online and in a mere few months you would learn a new language. The good thing is that young generation of today is interested in learning foreign languages, as it is considered a cool thing. This is very good as the number of polyglots would increase through this, as more and more young people will learn new languages to impress their fellow mates, whatever the case is if the result is good then it should be appreciated.

Social media's role should be appreciated in this regard as it has played a very significant role in bringing back the culture of polyglots. People today like to be called as polyglot and recognition of these multi- talented people has only been possible because of social media. There are many examples where people make their video while speaking multiple language and then these videos go viral on the internet courtesy of social sites such as Facebook, these videos then later are a source of inspiration for many young children. As sometimes, it happens that you want to do something but are unable to do it as you need some sort of inspiration and these videos have surely inspired a large number of young people.

Learning a foreign dialect and then bragging it in front of your group would have given you nothing but humiliation in the past, but now the groups appreciate it and in fact group members also ask you to teach them that particular language. So if you want to be famous and want that people should know you, then you must try to learn as many languages as you can, as it will surely help you a lot in this regard. Moreover, people from all over the world interact with each other through social networking sites, and world by all true means has now become a social village, if you intend to survive here then you must be fluent in at least three to four languages.

If you want to be the new hot shot of the group then learning some foreign languages can prove really helpful, if you have friends from other countries, then you can learn their language and if you want to learn about foreign cultures then too learning their language is the first step. It has been observed that young people are taking more and more interest in foreign languages because their friends encourage them if they do so.


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