Learning new languages is not a rocket science

Learning foreign languages is considered a very difficult job, but it is not. Obviously, anything new is difficult but with hard work and consistency, it can be made understandable and simple. Speaking languages other than your vernacular may seem intricate at first, but once you follow the following points, it would not be as difficult as you have visualized it would be.

Primarily, you need to be ready to learn a language. You need to be ready to give it time and attention. If it is not possible, you should not consider this at all. Once you have decided to go for it, follow these leads. Read the history of the respective language to get an overview of what you are going to learn. A little introduction to new concepts is always helpful in understanding it. Then, you need to know your way of learning. Everyone has his own way of learning things, some catch up things visually, while others comprehend a concept by hearing. Go for your own way, do not see how others are doing or you will be confused. If you are a good listener, ask your mother or tutor to read the word to you after you have had your class. If you understand by viewing, write the different sentences on a board and repeat them. It is entirely up to your style of doing things.

After this, hump into the hard part; conceptual learning. Look and find any noticeable concept in the new language like the use of a certain word or phrase. Analyze and extract what is important. Obviously, there will be teachers to tell you that, but there has to be an effort from your side as well. Try to correct your pronunciation and grammar. Look for the use of verbs and nouns in the language and try to memorize them. Examine the sentence structure and write down, seven to eight sentences every day to improve your fluency. Stand in front of the mirror and speak the words or the phrases you are finding difficulty in. This would build up your confidence. Try to look for familiar words and sentences in the new languages. There are always some common words in every language. Grasp them and start by using them along with the new words you learn.

”Practice makes a man perfect”. Be ready to put in the hard work. You have to recite the words for a long time, but do not lose your will power. Listen to the music during breaks to soothe you up. You have to listen to the people speaking that language if you want to be perfect. Download videos, watch the television shows in the language you are learning, “do not” watch movies with subtitles, listen to the music in that particular language. Find the resources on the internet and the library which you think may be helpful. You have to put in the efforts, but once you are started, it would undoubtedly become simpler for you and you would start to enjoy it.


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