How to organize yourself for a productive schedule

In many cases, the reason for failure in a foreign language test or a low result is not just because we have studied more or less, but how to organize our study time and how we use that time.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to organize and make it as productive as possible. To do this, we leave some tips to better organize the tasks and make sure that the time you devote to studies is 100% productive.

They are simple and easy to follow keys, you just need a little sacrifice and overcome the initial laziness, but this is eliminated with organization and consistency. Here we enumerate basic tips to help you enhance your productivity level, organize and optimize your study time, perform at your best and get the desired results:

  • Self-discipline: One of the main problems in hours of studying is to postpone everything to the last moment, we are distracted by all, with other entertainment such as Facebook or Twitter without noticing the beautiful weather we are losing. It only takes some self-discipline and to distinguish good working time of leisure. Be constant in your schedule and try to respect it. Even if you have plenty of time, stick to your priorities.
  • Make a schedule: This is important in order to eradicate the problems of the first point. Establish a schedule, organize study time and leisure time, allow yourself some breaks, etc. This will help you to be consistent, make better use of time and make it profitable. Establish goals and objectives. Set daily goals, according to your ability to study a second language, and seek to be constant. It is better to spend short intervals for more time to study a subject that compress all matter in a few days than to spend too many hours straight with hardly a pause. Therefore, it is better to study daily with clear objectives and goals. Moreover, the fact of studying with defined objectives, you will be distracted less and study a lot more committed.
  • Do not saturate or overload yourself: This last point is very important. It is a factor to consider for two reasons: the psychological reason, and the physical one. According to studies, the brain cannot process large amounts of information and requires time to assimilate and memorize. Whereupon, for many hours of continuing study you use, it will be a wasted effort because your brain will not be able to retain all that information. So, do not overload yourself, get organized and distribute the contents to not feel crowded.
  • Make several short breaks: As a final point, it is important to take small breaks every time you study that beloved language course books. To avoid the loss of attention and make you more productive during your study time, try to do ten minutes of short breaks every hour or hour and a half of the study. These will be like small «breathers» to help you assimilate the information and to maintain attention during the study.

Overall, take the opportunity to study a new language, wake up to a new day, walk a little, drink water or soda, go to another room, go outside, and all these things that will make you switch off and repeat the study with a different perspective. You can make it happen!


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