Four amazing effects of learning a new language

Learning a foreign language is not an easy job, but once one knows how beneficial it is, he will definitely make serious efforts to learn foreign languages.

Being a polyglot increases your global accessibility. You can learn about various cultures and traditions. You can communicate with people from all races and form relations with them. You can learn about their history, their way of living, their general social status and their festivals. It is fun too. Having knowledge about vibrant culture is always good. You can gain attention in a group if you have knowledge of different countries. You can chat with people on the social networking sites and make deep friendships.

The second reason is that it gives a great flavor to your travelling experiences. Obviously, you can go to other places while being unfamiliar with their native language, but just think if you can speak the language of the country you are travelling to. You can fluently talk at the airport with the officials if there is any mishap, you can communicate with the people of the country and can go to the places of interest with them, and you can easily read their literature, you can offer meals and can convince the cab driver to charge you less for your destination. Learning a foreign language enables you to have a more satisfying travel experience.

There are other reasons too. It has been proved by many studies that learning a different language result in the improvement of one’s native language. You get to know of new vocabulary and words which you can effectively use in your writings. Efforts to learn new language increase your brain power. It has been scientifically proved that this practice alters your gray matter; the part of the brain that possess information. Your memory also boosts up. Moreover, your chances of getting a job considerably rise. This is a great skill to have and companies prefer the multilingual people. As you can communicate with all sorts of people you can also become a translator. Also, the conversion of the world into a global village have increased the demand of such skills because this has become mandatory for well reputed and well spread countries to have a staff which can speak multiple languages because they need to interact with companies all over the globe. It also enables you to enhance your multi-tasking capabilities. Polyglots are very able in switching between the two systems of speeches, structure and writing.

Another advantage is the fact that learning new languages decreases the danger of Alzheimer’s disease. This may seem a bit unrealistic, but the medical science has continued to prove this. In this case, use of drugs has not inflicted such good results on the patients as multilingualism has. Thus, this practice does not only provides you a skill but is also a medicine for such diseases. To sum up, you must learn a new language because it carries a lot of advantages with it and you can outrival others in many fields with the help of this kill.


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