Why your child must be a polyglot

Read favorite books translated into another language.(photo: Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)
Read favorite books translated into another language.(photo: Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

As a parent, you must be very concerned about what your child wants to become in future, although you must give room to your child so that he can breathe and make his own decisions, but on the other hand you must give him proper guidelines which will help him become a successful person tomorrow. It has been observed that most of the successful people are polyglot, one can argue that they would have learned new languages later on in their lives, but one must not neglect the importance of learning foreign languages and how they are useful in every field of life.

Children have the power and urge to learn new things and their curiosity for sure is one thing that helps them a lot throughout the entire process of learning. Elders lack this curiosity, and that is the reason why after a certain age, it becomes not only extremely difficult, but nearly impossible for elders, to learn new things. Children have a much greater brain power than the elders moreover, they have a lot of time too, and with these two things on their side, they must go on to learn as many foreign and new languages as they could. These foreign languages are going to prove very useful in a long run, that's why it is suggested that every parent must ensure that his children learn new languages.

Coming to the major point that why should the students learn new languages and what are going to be the instant effects, so it is a proven fact that learning new languages has a very positive effect on intellectual growth and experts agree that polyglots have a much greater intellectual level than the ordinary people. Reason for this strange intellectual growth is that when a person learns a new language he starts off with words and then he moves on to phrases and in this process he starts to associate different things with these phrases. This association has a major role in the intellectual development of a person, so if you want your child to be instinctively superior then you must ensure that before he gets out of school he has learned a few foreign languages. Another advantage is that to learn a new language you are always aware and attentive in the class as you do not want to miss anything, this awareness help you sharpen your ears and increases your level of awareness.

Learning a new language makes you good at your own mother tongue, it does sound a strange fact, but it is true as people who know multiple number of languages tend to make good sentence structure of their own language. This is only possible because of the fact that they are multi-lingual, learning a new language helps you recognize the dynamics of a language and this thus leads to good use of vocabulary in your own language. There are several other advantages as well as you learn a lot about new cultures and people, so you must encourage your children to learn foreign languages.


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