Perks of learning new languages and being a polyglot

The word “polyglot” was not well-known in the recent history, but nowadays, everyone is familiar with this word. A person is said to be a polyglot if he can speak multiple languages. There are various merits of being a polyglot.

It influences the intellectual development in the most nourishing manner. Trying to learn new languages puts pressure on the brain to work quickly. It starts with small words, and then words link to form sentences. Afterwards this leads to use of these sentences in your writings and speaking and by this time, you have made a meaningful logical development. You begin to use these phrases in everyday conversations and implements this knowledge into your daily works helping your brain to grasp this new concept and before you know, your brain is finding it really simple. Learning foreign languages are not a simple task. It requires a lot of attention and you have to work extensively. The habit of trying hard, pays off well when you enter practical life, therefore being a polyglot makes your future life easier.

Comprehensive research shows that multilingualism helps in improving one’s own language. The use of new languages results in better sentence structure in their native language. They begin to join their sentences with appropriate linkages and use their words more properly. This exerts a great effect on the credibility of someone who deals with writings, articles and journals because better constructed readings get more praise and ratings. Studies also confirm that students who can speak many languages stay a step ahead of other students, especially in the fields of math and vocabulary. Moreover, their memory becomes better as well.

You also get to extend your social circle. You get to know about new cultures and traditions and make new, lifelong friendships with different people around the world. You can now chat with your friend in Germany and ask him to get you a nice coat; you can interact with many people on social networking sites and talk to them freely which was not possible for you earlier because you were unfamiliar with their languages. This enlarges the scope of your social circle and you make relationships which may be beneficial for your business and studies. You tend to talk to the people you have never imagined to talk. You gain knowledge about the innumerable cultures this world possesses.

And obviously, you get more attention. A polyglot is bound to gain the interest of people around him. It may be people he is working with, or boys in his college. People want to have friends with you which are very beneficial in many ways. You can ask for the advice of the people you are working with when you are new at work, you can ponder upon the ideas of your friends regarding your group project and implement them to formulate a class project, you can gossip with non-natives and get to know of the problems in their countries and you can chat with the business experts and get to know of the plans which can help you flourish. Thus, being a polyglot is of great benefit, but this has to be kept in mind, that it is not a piece of cake. You have to give time and constant attention.


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