Why learn a foreign language?

Every single person born on this earth is bestowed with a gift of speaking his mother tongue, but there are also many people who try and learn other languages as well. This article signifies the advantages these people get.

Most importantly, you meet new people and make diverse friendships. Earlier, you were bound to talk with the people of your community only, but once you own the skill of speaking foreign languages, you experience the familiarity of many communities. You tend to communicate with new people and get to be friends. You learn about their culture and social life. This is an enriching experience. You become acquainted with a lot of things you have never heard of. You gain knowledge of new traditions, festivals and activities. You even have the luxury to read their books and understand their history, hence learning new languages open the door of making new friends and knowing new cultures. Moreover, learning foreign language is a “fun” itself. You get to roll your tongue and twist your lips in different ways so as to express the word correctly. You end up laughing when you have poorly pronounced a word or the sentence which you were trying to speak ends up being something else.

Another significant advantage is that you become smarter and open-minded. Many studies have shown that your brain starts to function in a faster way when you are learning new languages because it accepts the challenge of learning new words and negotiating their meanings. You learn to tackle the problems in a much efficient way. Your decision making skill improves and you become more perceptive. Since you now have an idea of different cultures, you can now understand the problems of each community, therefore you can work out a much acceptable way of dealing with it. You will have to look at many aspects before coming up with a solution. Moreover, students who have learned various languages excel in an academic field, especially in the areas of vocabulary and reading.

Learning foreign languages opens the pathways for studying abroad in much competitive universities and colleges. There are many well-known universities in the world which requires the skill of having knowledge of their language. This means, if you do not learn these languages, you cannot study in the respective universities. Your dream of graduating from a prestigious institution may shatter as a result. Also, learning foreign languages increase your percentage of employability. The world has become a global village where companies and firms have to interact with innumerable people all around the globe therefore they need to have a reliable mode of communication. Every community has its own language, therefore if you have to deal with them; you need to know their language. This is an excellent skill to have, as recent studies have shown that polyglots have a greater chance of getting employed.

These were some of the many merits of learning new languages. This is a great skill to have and one who has it can excel in many departments of life.


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