How to become a Polyglot?

Photo: Corbis
Photo: Corbis

A person who can speak several languages is known as a polyglot. Multilingualism is something that is not very common in many cultures and there are few countries in the world where you will come across many polyglots like Ireland, Quebec, Catalonia and India. You will come across many people in these countries who speak in more than 4-5 languages. This article deals with the learning process that is involved to become a polyglot.

When it comes to learning languages, quality matters over quantity and there is absolutely no use of learning several languages superficially and stammering while using them. It is important that you learn the languages in depth and not only that; you should also try and master the accent of speaking it. Learning several languages is not easy and you need to be very focused and determined. It involves taking a lot of things in your head and a lot of other things as well. The following can help you to become a polyglot.

Patience and Perseverance is the key to success
Learning a new language can be rewarding when it seems easy to you, but at times, you might feel that you are hitting the brick wall. That is when you need to be patient as you would need to motivate yourself and move forward. Dedication and determination is important, if you want to become a polyglot. It takes time to learn languages and it might take years to be proficient in them. So learn to be patient and set small goals and try and achieve them one by one.

Making mistakes is common
There is not harm in making mistakes and the proverb “mistakes are the pillars of success” is appropriate when it comes to learning languages. Communication is what counts the most and no matter how good you are in reading and writing, you need to be fluent in speaking the language and you will not be so unless you start using it. Many people are reluctant of speaking in new languages as they have the fear of making mistakes. You need to get over it in order to be polyglot and speak as much as possible to learn the language quickly.

Learn one or two languages at a time
Many people learn 4-5 languages at a time and it is not something that is impossible, but it is always easier to focus on one. Start learning a language and after you have attained a certain level, then you start with the second and so on.

Choose the right course
You will come across many online courses in the World Wide Web and it is important that you choose the right one. There are many language schools as well where you can enroll yourself and you will come across individuals who offer tuitions. Choose what fits you the best keeping in mind the duration of the course, the duration of the classes, the number of students and even the fees.

It is important that you learn the languages systematically and concentrate more on your pronunciation.


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