Difficulties in Learning Foreign Languages and How to Overcome Them?

Photo: ALAMY
Photo: ALAMY

Learning any of the foreign language is getting necessary these days. There are a lot of challenges involved in learning a language in the right way. It usually turns out to be difficult to learn in the initial stage. However, you can easily overcome the same. Learning any one of the foreign languages is required for knowing about the culture of such country or even for getting a job in such country. Below mentioned are some difficulties involved in learning a foreign language and also some tips to overcome the same.

The way you read and speak is different – This is one of the usual challenges that is usually faced when you learn a foreign language. Often the way you write, read and pronounce is different. This leads to a lot of confusion. To overcome this difficulty, you can make sure to participate in the speech related learning activities. With the help of internet this can be easily achieved as you can find a lot of online listening and speaking activities. Initially learn with small sentences and practice in a better way. You can go for the online or the offline programs and by this, you can put in sentences together and memorize or combine individual words.

Translating and interpreting gets difficult – Often translating the native language in foreign language gets difficult and interpreting the same also gets extremely difficult. For this thing, the best thing that can be done is to speak to the foreign language speakers as much as possible. Make sure to engage in conversation and discuss on various topics. Try to make it as educational as possible and make it a fun activity of learning a new foreign language. Interacting with the speakers of the chosen foreign language would be extremely fun, educational and entertaining and it helps in building a good level of confidence. You can surely achieve good results when you practice the oral language skills. With the help of a fluent speaker, even if you make mistakes, you will be corrected and they also make sure to congratulate you if you turn out to be successful.

The difference between formal language and casual language – The way a foreign language is spoken formally or casually is completely different. For the learners of a foreign language, this could prove to be extremely difficult. To overcome this problem, the best solution that can be adopted is to watch television programs of such language. You can also watch some online interviews in such language and understand the formal way of speaking. This will help in understanding the tone of the language in a better way.

When all these aspects are considered, without any doubt, you can read, speak, write and listen to any foreign language without any problem. The most important thing that needs to be considered when you learn a foreign language is that you should have a great desire and good interest so that the language can be learnt in the right manner.


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