Top interesting facts about people learning a new foreign language

So I thought to put some genuine & interesting reasons & facts which I observed during my foreign language learning career. Some people may disapprove them but I'm quite sure there will be few of those who will agree with me.

1 Romance

It gives an artistic, charismatic feeling of art. People learning new languages may experience the feeling like painter does when painting his first masterpiece. I experienced that when I almost grasped Italian language.

2 Odd ones out

One plus language makes you odd one (Everyone wants to be unique). People look at you as you are an UFO. You can also be an inspiration for others. Many of us face this inspiration before actually joining the language learning world.

3 Free World tour

Some people who are obsessed by the idea to tour the world ends up learning new language.

4 Human Nature

People who have been successful in their academic or work life motivated other people who are not confident about themselves to start learning new language.

5 Open Mindedness

Language learning process open minds that’s true. It’s well known fact that most of us, those who started studying a new language, become more sociable in a very short time after starting his studies of a foreign language.

6 Religious reasons

Many of us are learning a new language because we don't want to read translations. Many think it’s the way to learn the exact meaning of the message sent by the god for them. And yes, we all know that «translation» is not the language. Language has its own life. There are billions of examples in different languages, in which its evident that translating a sentence into a local language can never be equal to the expression in that exact foreign language. We also know that translations can’t create the humor or make the people laugh exactly the same.

7 Security

There are some areas in the world, especially in south Asia, where speaking other than local language can be a disaster. Most of them won’t to talk to you because of their fear of consequences.

8 Privacy

Learning a foreign language can give you privacy and make you confident when you really need it. Many of today’s most successful businessmen started their way by learning a new language that helped them to cover new market areas.

9 Master Native language (it’s more like fact then a reason)

When you start learning new language, you also improve your native language. We all know that grammar is the most important thing in a language, and we also know that it differ from one language to another, that for a newbie becomes evident when he trays to stand the meaning of what he was told about.


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