Top 5 Online tools to learn foreign languages

A foreign language is basically interpreted as a language which is not indigenous to the community or country as such. There are many language learning tools which are being used these days by language enthusiasts. Technology has made learning languages a very easy process.

The new age online tools to learn languages provide a much needed freshness to the methodologies used to absorb new languages. These tools make learning languages very easy and enjoyable endeavor because of which people are nowadays opting for the online option when it comes to acquiring new languages. Some of the best tools from among a melee of options available are :
  • Busuu is a language learning online resource, which provides support through dialogues for new phrases and vocabulary. Apart from providing opportunities for networking with various other learners for languages, it also provides options for audio recording along with writing exercises. The resource also provides users with an app which allows for a very flexible and mobile review of learning materials as well as lessons. However, the really good features such as pdf printable files and lessons which focus on grammar are not free. The option should be exercised primarily by those who have a basic understanding of the language already.
  • Duolingo was once an exclusive site where one could gain access only through invitation. It has been touted as one of the best options to learn new languages. It utilizes an approach sourced from crowds which not only aids new language absorption, but also internet translations. It provides grammar tips along the way while absorbing listening, writing, reading and speaking new languages. The website has a UI and graphics which makes for an interesting learning with lessons presented through flow charts such that the cache of vocabulary can be recycled in future lessons. The website presently offers options for six popular European languages.
  • Live Mocha combined with Collins and Pearson (powerhouses in educational publishing). Its method of teaching languages has been described as a whole part whole in which lesson materials are broken down for easy application for a beginner and then the same connected later to provide a complete and comprehensive picture. It provides the option to learn around 35 languages. This also offers credit earning facility by tutoring others, editing of writing and audio recording feedback. One gets a lot of tutoring and friend requests which can get quite distracting. It is very suitable for learners.
  • Internet Polyglot is a great online learning tool which offers fast vocabulary capture through the use of flashcards. It offers digital flashcards for over 35 languages, although it is of little help in syntax and grammar. It also offers learners to share and create lessons which are custom based.
  • Lang 8 tool, offers to make people absorb and learn, read as well as write the languages. This is essential, especially for languages which are less romantic such as Japanese or Korean. The tool is suitable for serious learners and gives the option of learning over 90 languages.

The online learning environment allows people to experience novel ways of learning languages. There are various tools such as audio, video, chat boards, webcams, instant messaging and so much more.


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