Top 5 American Polyglots

There are polyglots all over the world. A polyglot is someone who can speak many different languages. The top polyglots of America have learned anywhere, from 11 to 115 different languages. Each of them learned and studied these languages in a different method that best suited them. There are many polyglots in America, but these are the best multilinguists of America.

Alexander Arguelles can read and speak around 36 different languages, including German, Latin, French, Sanskrit and Greek. He says that at age 11 he had a hard time learning French, but has subsequently learned to speak many languages with a lot of hard work and patience. He studies, reads, and practices grammar for hours on end each day. Also, after a period of time the languages just seemed to unravel themselves the more he learned and he could even understand languages he never studied.

Timothy Doner is only a teenager, yet he can speak 23 different languages, which include Pashto, Swahili, Wolof, and Farsi. He started learning languages at the age of 16 and he first started with the modern version of Hebrew. It took him only 4 days to get the alphabet down and a mere week before he could read. After that, he went on to other languages such as Russian, Persian and many others. He is able to learn a new language in a matter of weeks because he puts in at least 15 hours a day into studying.

Dr. Carlos do Amaral Freire has learned 115 different languages, including Arabic, Armenian, classic and modern Greek, Japanese, Romanian, the gypsy language, and many others. He speaks Portuguese as his mother tongue and had managed to translate more poems than anyone else into Portuguese. He discovered that Aymara and Georgian languages, shared a phonological bond. He has made many different and important contributions to linguistics.

Luis Miguel Rojas Berscia this young man can speak 14 languages, but he doesn't claim to be fluent in them. He can speak French, Chinese, German, Latin and many others. He had originally grown up with 3 different languages including Italian, Piedmontese and Spanish. Ever since he was a child, he had a propensity and curiosity for languages. By the time he was 21 he had been teaching Chinese at the PUCP University.

Susanna Zaraysky can speak 8 different languages, but has studied 11 of them, including French, Hebrew, Hungarian and Arabic. She is currently the only living female polyglot and she uses an extremely different technique. She learns new languages by music. She has also used her polyglot skills to travel to more than 50 different countries. She has given many different presentations on how to learn different languages through music and some of them have even been organized by the US State Department.

All of these people are polyglots that live, reside and learn in America. They all speak some of the same languages, including French, Spanish, Arabic and many more. Each one has their own unique interests in different languages they want to perfect. However, one thing is not in question, they are all the best in their professions.


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