Step by Step foreign language learning process

The act of learning languages is not something where the same technique suits all. There is no one specific master style which will help you to learn languages. Language learning extends to beyond a mere mugging up of vocabulary and syntax. It involves getting to know a culture. Various types of people have different kinds of methods of learning languages. While many today prefers going for the online paid as well as free resources, some still prefer the traditional ways. When it comes to the foreign language learning process, the idea should be to have a large quantum of patience while following the old adage that perfection is achieved best through practice.

It is believed that any kind of learning should be done in a well structured step by step procedure. Hence, foreign language should be done preferably in the following orderly manner:

  • In order to understand, it is best if a lot of listening is done. Infants learn to speak only a handful of words, even after one year of listening. Adults obviously have a higher and faster absorbing capacity, however, that in no way takes away from the critical impact which listening can have on learning new languages. Hence, initially one should think less about understanding everything, but need to focus more on getting a feel of the language through paying attention to the sound and tonality.
  • One should also prepare by doing reading and listening, not necessarily simultaneously. Further, it also pays to listen to what the other classmates are saying by preparing answers in the mind for the same in the concerned language itself.
  • One of the top tips to learn new languages involves making a friend who is an indigenous speaker of the language. Practicing with such a person will help a lot in comprehensive growth in the language learning.
  • Language learners should download videos which have both audio and text. One can not only do text reviews, but also listen to the sentences a number of times for better understanding and absorption. The text should be listened to in short pieces and then one should record their own versions. The self version should then be compared for errors.
  • The secret on how to learn a new language lies in using mnemonics so as to perform word linking by using images for creating a connect between the foreign language words and that of one’s own language. This technique is used to gain basic knowledge of the language vocabulary and one can learn the same as per research in very less time.
  • When reading, one should avoid the practice of reading word by word. In the beginning one should just try to capture a sense a meaning by reading, by studying the vocabulary first and reading the sentence twice.
  • It should be clear that only reading will not do. One must do a lot of speaking so as to provide the mouth the requisite schooling in order to make the new sounds and the chronology of tongue movements.

In case of foreign language education one has to write the unfamiliar alphabets for learning accurate orthography.


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