Rising Trend Of Learning Foreign Languages

Since the world has become a global village, people of various nations have come closer to each other. People are interacting with each other for various purposes as they are interdependent in various disciplines. International markets are growing very rapidly, businesses are expanding, and products are exchanged in the form of imports and exports. Similarly, people are moving from one country to another in search of jobs and for the purpose of establishing their businesses beyond the borders of their native countries. Language has a significant role to play in various interactions, business deals, educational activities and advertisement of products and brands. Therefore, learning foreign languages has become a necessity to have dominance over your business and other activities where significant interaction is required by people of foreign nationalities.

The trend of learning foreign languages is on the rise and people, especially from third world countries are tending to learn languages of advanced countries. One interesting thing is that, it is not only the people in third world countries who are fond of learning foreign languages; rather people from advanced states also have a craze to learn various foreign languages for their education and better interaction with the residents of other countries. A visible example can be seen by the people of the most advanced state, the US was crazy to learn Arabic when their forces invaded Iraq, Similar thing happened in Afghanistan that many foreign military officials became conversant with the local languages of their places of deployment and they really merged with the locals and their culture. The language is the first and foremost representative of a culture, so people whenever trying to move somewhere due to any reason try to learn the local languages in their destined country. The major foreign languages include, English, Chinese, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi followed by Russian and many other languages.

According to careful surveys the Russian and Spanish languages are becoming popular among the people all over the world other than their native languages, but English, German and French remain the biggest learned languages as foreign languages. After the economic revolution and the introduction of new large international markets, the marketing strategies, also recommend learning of foreign languages and fluently spoken foreign languages became an indicator of success in business across the native borders. In some developing countries, it has become mandatory to learn English as a foreign language to obtain visa for Great Britain and Europium Union countries. Similarly, the students wishing to seek education from foreign institutes are also to learn the foreign language of their destined countries. Due to this reason the trend of learning foreign languages is elevating day by day. This trend is not only getting popularity with the people of developing state, but also growing in the people of advanced states and economic leaders to promote their business in the countries where they have invested their money or where they are intending to invest. Brazil, India, China, South Africa and recently added international markets have attracted a large number of people to learn non-native languages to expand their businesses among these newly emerged markets.


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