Learn a foreign language: stop brain ageing

According to several studies done by experts, it is proved that learning a foreign language as a second language has a positive effect on the human brain. After observing people of different age groups for years, researchers found out that people who knew more languages perform better in their cognitive abilities. Students who learn a foreign language are shown to outscore their peers who are not learning a foreign language in verbal and other cognitive skills.

Many studies are carried out on foreign language education benefits and as per experts, learning a new language is beneficial to you in different ways. It is an excellent way of keeping your mind active, and also it will help you learn about another country’s culture through their language. While doing this you will end up meeting new people and all of this will improve your quality of life at large.

  • Foreign language learning and brain activity: According to recent studies done on this, experts proved that learning a second language at an early age does modify the brain’s structure, especially the brain’s inferior frontal cortex. This part of the brain plays an important role in cognitive functions like thought, language, consciousness and memory. By measuring the brains of people after and before learning a new language, neuroscience experts proved that the language training improved their brain growth.
  • Learning a foreign language can also help you with increased intelligence and language learning capacities. Repeated studies showed that foreign language learning can improve intelligence, critical thinking skills and creativity in children. Furthermore, it is observed that the people who are bilingual has better language learning skills and are more motivated to learn new languages. They are noted to have a broader outlook in matters related to other countries and cultures.
  • How does foreign language learning helps our brain: As per a Swedish study it is stated that learning a new language other than your native language can help your brain grow. Also a lot of studies suggest that, people who can handle more than one language show a later onset of Dementia and improved function of the brain. But, how is learning a new language is so good for our brain? Like a human body that works out regularly is stronger than an ideal body, learning new languages makes your brain stronger, as you are giving exercise to your brain.
  • Learning a new language slows brain ageing: Many studies suggest that learning an additional language has various positive effects on our brain even though we learn it after adulthood. Scientists even state that it can slow down the ageing process of our brain and eventually can prevent the occurrence of Dementia as well. Millions of people who acquire fluency in a second language are proved to have better cognitive skills, which in turn can benefit the ageing brain. However, evidences for these are inconsistent. At the same time it is scientifically proven that if you keep your mind active at any age either by learning a new language or by acquiring a new skill, it can improve the wellbeing of your mind.


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