Is it important to learn new languages in an English-dominant world?

There is no doubt that this is an English-dominant world. Even though you know English well, never think that you will not require the help of other languages. English education and foreign language are considered important at the same time. It is essential to know how to learn foreign languages along with English as it will surely help you in your career and it also transforms a person in a better manner. The importance of foreign language education is known to all and the benefits of learning foreign language are also considered huge. Before you know how important it is important to learn the new languages in an English-dominant world, it is essential to have an understanding of the English Vs foreign languages. Below mentioned are some important things to note on why learning new languages in the English-dominant world is necessary.

  • When you visit a foreign country, wherein English is not a native language, there are certain possibilities that you suffer humiliation. So to avoid this, it would be better that you have an idea on a few foreign languages so that you can facilitate easy interaction.
  • It is important that you gain knowledge of a few foreign languages as it will help in improving your personality. When you know the foreign languages, it will definitely help in building your personality, which is a good thing.
  • When you learn foreign languages, you can surely enjoy your travelling experience. You can get to know more about the culture and history of a particular place and hence, it will surely help in enriching your personality and you can also improve your knowledge pertaining to such a place. You can also develop a positive relationship with the people of such a place.
  • Considering the global usage of languages, learning only English language is not sufficient. It is required that you learn various other foreign languages as well. There are many other languages such as French, Italian, etc. that are spoken globally and hence, learning such languages are also extremely essential.
  • When you learn many foreign languages, it will also help in broadening the educational horizons and this is truly a good thing. If you want to pursue your further education abroad, this is an essential thing that you should consider. When you learn other languages, you will be in a power to read or write in such language apart from speaking. The best thing that you can do for assessing the knowledge of a particular language is to go in for some competitive examinations so that you will have more confidence on the knowledge you possess.

With the above analysis, it is clear that learning various other new languages in the English-dominant word is necessary and it also provides with a lot of benefits. It will definitely help in your education, career and will also play a vital role in improving your personality. Hence, make sure to make it a point that you learn at least one language apart from the English language.


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