How Multilingual People Avoid Troubles

Troubles exist everywhere and there is no time in your life when you can go free of troubles. That does not mean that your life is nothing but a series of troubles, chasing you everywhere you go, but that means that you face troubles quite often. Some troubles are quite personal, you can solve them all alone like you forget your credit card at home and enter a shopping mall and chose something to buy, only at the cashier counter you discover that you have not got with you the credit card and the situation was very difficult for you as you need to buy something urgent but cannot get it. Now, you need to think of a different solution that can save your time and your schedule from getting disturbed. But the troubles that involve other people with you are of more complex nature.

A simple example of a trouble with some stranger is that you find your own newspaper in the hand of another person in the waiting room of the airport. He took it while you went to the rest room. You need to ask him politely to give it back to you, but you cannot as you do not know his language. You twitch in anger from inside and look at him with utmost disdain. He gets angry at your improper behavior and calls you something in his own language which is not really understood by you. Here starts a real trouble! This trouble may not have any solid base as you find later that the newspaper that you were looking for in the waiting room was actually in your handbag.

Most of the misunderstanding among the people sprouts from ignorance of a different language. The society is always combined of people from a number of different cultures and regions. Due to increasing troubles like the lack of employments, bad education and wars people are migrating to safer places in all over the world. Multiple linguistic groups of people are settling in the big countries where the opportunities are in abundance. Though, they learn the language of the big country, but still remain strongly affiliated to their own language. Maintaining an understanding with them is highly essential.

It is a need of time that harmony prevails in the society and a sense of brotherhood is established or in other words, you can say that, matters of mutual interest must end with a mutual understanding. The major portion of the society should never leave another smaller portion alone in their troubles and problems as it deepens a sense of coldness among the humans and unfriendliness. These feelings are fatal for the solidarity of a society and any group of people cannot survive alone without the strong interaction of all the elements in the society. So, learn many languages, first those that are spoken in your close social circle than look forward to at least one foreign language if not two. It will help you in every step of life.


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