How Knowing Multiple Languages Come Handy in Crisis

Have you ever been in a situation when a fire erupts or a high altitude earthquake shakes the whole city? If yes, then you can imagine that what happens immediately after the disaster. People run for their life, some cry for help for not being able to move due to injuries or shock, some try to save their precious belongings and behave abnormally and this situation gets out of control when the people present there cannot comprehend one another. What happens next? The automatic result of this disability to understand increases the crisis and results in more loss. The situation is serious if you can imagine, isn’t it?

There is rarely a place on the face of earth where all the people speak the same language. If it is not different local dialects, it is multiple international languages and the both situations need that people there should be familiar with more than one language and different dialects. Mere the quick understanding of the disastrous situation is half solved. When you do not know what has happened to an injured or screaming person, how can you help him? He may be screaming that his little baby is left behind under the rubbles and you think that he is badly injured and take him quickly to the ambulance. Understanding language is never more helpful than at such a time!

The situation in a crisis needs a bold or brave person, who can keep his mental powers in control and keep calm in the crisis, controls the situation until the fire brigade or ambulances reach on the spot. In case of a fire eruption, the people trapped in a building need to be evacuated without a delay. But this evacuation needs to be organized or no one can be rescued. When you understand how to speak different languages you quickly call them all in two or three different languages and order them what to do. Organize them; they sure are going to comply with you as far as your words are understood.

Knowing different languages is noble if it is going to assist you in helping people in disastrous times. You can steer a whole disaster into a safer situation. You can save precious lives and valuable property. The reward that you get in the form of self satisfaction can never be defined in words, not any amount of cash or gift can represent it. Comprehend languages of your society at least and try to be a sharing and caring person in difficult times. The crisis and disasters come unexpectedly and when you keep ready for them you can win over the destruction.

What knowing languages can do at the time of crisis, is equal to what medical can do. Things change and time never remains the same; if you went through crisis today, tomorrow you will be in an entirely different situation. It may be a happy occasion or great time among your people, but your comprehension of languages never loses its usefulness!


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