Hardcore movie fan: Are you a polyglot?

If you are a diehard movie fan and not a polyglot then you are not a true movie fan, as you do not watch movies from other parts of the world. So, if you are a true movie fan, then you must know multiple languages because there are a lot of movies made in the world that are worth a watch, but only because you cannot understand the language, you are unable to watch it. So, it is strongly advised that if you want to enjoy the real cinema, then learn as many languages as you can, or at least learn the languages of the countries that make good movies.

Learning a foreign language is going to help you a lot in understanding the foreign movies. People here give the argument that why do they need to learn a new language only to watch a few movies and when they have the option of watching a dubbed movie or have the facility of subtitles. So, for the people that fall into that category it is suggested that the real essence lies in the original language and no matter how accomplished and able the translator is he can never do complete justice. So, you must learn new languages if you want to enjoy the real cinema.

There are many movie fans around the world who only learn new language just to watch the movies of a particular country, if you are a diehard movie fan, then you also must learn new languages, because one way or the other it is for sure going to help you a lot. Watching a movie with subtitles is nothing but a waste of time, as all the time you are staring at the subtitles and miss the most important part of the movie, which is the acting, so if you want to have a full experience of the movie, then you must learn the language of that particular country, whose movies you like the most.

The same case is of the music they say that music needs no language, which is true, but sometimes you feel that you need to know what the singer is saying. Although you can take help of the lyrics, but that too would not give you the utmost experience, so if you want to enjoy the music in a different language, then you must learn that particular foreign language. You would be amazed that once you learn a new language how your taste of music and movies would be changed positively, as then you would listen and watch things from an entire different perspective. Moreover, it will help you look at the other side of the picture, so if you want to be the new hotshot of the group, then you must learn multiple languages and become a polyglot. Music and movies are two things which no doubt is an entertainment, but also sources of education so, if you want to enhance your music and movie taste then do learn new languages.


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