Best Language learning Apps for iPhones

With technology evolving and reshaping at eye blinking speed it also makes a dramatic impact on our everyday lifestyles from how we do business and communicate in educational ways. IPhone apps are pioneering a tech savvy lifestyle transformation with a vast cache of apps to fit every need, quest or learning experience. Language learning apps have become very popular over the last couple years with hundreds of proven options available from the App Store.

Whether you want to learn a new language from scratch or need to brush up in a hurry as you get ready to travel to a new destination, there are many language learning apps to choose from for iPhone users. The greatest enjoyment in learning a new language with iPhone apps is that it is never too late to start and learn. Whether you are a student, housewife, businessperson or a retiree, you can just go ahead and access tutorial information direct to your iPhone through a selected language learning app. Another perk of language learning through iPhone apps is the cost benefit. Typically, all language courses from physical learning to tape or online are conducted on high rates. The app store has several best language learning apps for iPhones, providing smooth initiation into a new language with in-depth learning possibilities. The key is to identify which apps are best suited for your particular language learning needs. Not all apps are developed with equal potential. Here are some best language learning apps for iPhones that are offered for free download and for affordable rates.

Duolingo – Duolingo has an impressive following of learners not just because it is free to download. Apart from the fact it has no hidden charges or ad-links the iPhone app is also an extremely fun filled way of learning new languages. Users have to undertake competitions and challenges during different levels to earn points. It has addictive encouragement as the more correct answers you get, the more Lingots which is an in-game currency can be earned. The concept of Duolingo is to teach a new language through repetition, volubility and conversation.

Memrise – A multi-language supporting iPhone app memrise also has the advantage of visual learning. Language learning is through visual cues and puns facilitating quick and easy learning of words and phrases. Cues are given in multiple options, helping users to select one that sticks in their mind best.

Living Language – Created by Random House this iPhone app for language learning covers several languages including Italian, Hindi, English and Korean among others. It uses a single interface for learning new words, making up sentences and continuous testing of learned skills. The full course is available for a fee and users can select a level depending on their initiation stage to a particular language.

Google Translate – It is more of a learning tool than an app. The tool helps users to translate any language through verbalization or reading. Though there is a certain degree of doubt on the total accuracy of the translation it is one of the tools available online helping users to learn any amount of languages.


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