We all are polyglots

Polyglot recently has become one a fancy word and many people think that polyglots are some sort of super humans with special powers. This is nothing but a misconception as many of us too are polyglots and we never know. According to a research, majority of the people around the world on average can speak three languages fluently. Amazed to hear this, so now you would be thinking that you are a polyglot too. So the answer is yes, you don't need to be a superhuman to learn new languages, in fact, all you need is some focus and proper instructor who could teach you.

It has been observed that the vernacular of a person is not what he usually speaks at his workplace or at social gatherings. This is because mother tongue is the language that is not spoken widely as it is a local language and when you go to school or a friend's place you need to communicate in the language that can be understood by the majority of the people so you tend to speak a much more global language so that everyone in the room understands you.

Now let us explore the reasons behind this, that is why a person un-consciously becomes a polyglot. This journey is a mesmerizing one and undoubtedly starts from childhood. The native language is a local one and you tend to learn it from your parents and this obviously is the first language that a person learns as everyone around him is speaking this language. Now the next step is the school, where the child is taught the global language which is necessary to learn as all the books and curriculum at the school is in the global language.

So when the child learns the global language, usually when he is four to five years old and is an accomplished bi-lingual. If you have gone through this then you must be proud of yourself as at such young age, it is really difficult to understand and learn two languages. In fact, some of the children fail to move with the system and as a result they do not perform well. One should take care of children in these sorts of situations. As it is very difficult for a child of that small age to learn two languages and then perform well in both these languages at school.

This mostly happens in the regions and countries where the mother tongue is different from the global language in these countries, thus it becomes extremely difficult for small children to live up and perform to the standards set by their parents. When a man moves further in his life he learns at least one new language, this is because he has friends from a certain country or the workplace atmosphere, whatever the case is an average person learns two languages in the first five years of his life and in the next fifty he learns one new language. Learning foreign languages is an art that everyone can learn.


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